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March 23, 2010


One Wink

Considering the extensive dental work I'm having the end of May, after reading several lines of this, I decided to ask PD to read it and let me know if I should continue. Didn't want to add to my anxiety. He read it, raised his eyebrows, said wow a few times and then assured me that I could read it. I kinda, sorta just a little bit wish I'd waited until after my surgery but I feel so bad for you! That had to have sucked more than just about anything. You poor thing!
It seems I've passed my anxiety on down to JuJu. It will probly reach the next generation too, it's very deeply rooted...


I hate going to the dentist and I get nervous even when my kids are getting check-ups. I hope they never pick up on my anxiousness. Sorry you had to go through that! I would have never thought that it had adrenaline in it!

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