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February 28, 2010



Now that we've had some beautiful days, I hope things are improving for you. I know ONE day of blinding sun can turn my mood around pretty quickly :) Hope work is still going smoothly, now that we are well into March! Let me know if you're up for doing our taxes, I can send ASAP, if you're swamped though, I understand! We miss you guys.

One Wink

Just came here on the off chance that maybe you'd posted something and my heart leapt. Then I read that you've been feeling blue and my heart did something else altogether. I hope the light, at least, has made a difference. I'm sure the sun shining today is helping too. I understand to the degree that this winter has done a job on many of us, emotionally. I've been feeling testy and claustrophobic. Not from being stuck inside, I would prefer that... but from being surrounded by white shit. Never felt that before... Way glad to hear that work has improved for you.
We really should talk more often. Love you!

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