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June 30, 2008


One Wink

MHC: Been meaning to tell you this for-evah...
Thanks for being such an amazing friend to my little sister. She found a gem in you. (I just had this totally weird visual of you with a huge ruby in your belly button. Sorry, it's probly the drugs) But seriously, I'm jealous of your camping trips and stuff.
Hazel, make sure she reads this, plz.


I love it. Very pretty.
I agree that the right column looks a bit naked though.

O.W.- You crack me up!

One Wink

I was a bit hasty, I forgot to say:
Dad would like this too.
And sorry about your widgets.

One Wink

Hazel, It's Beautiful!
"I Love It!" (say that it your best Molly Shannon voice, that makes it funny) If you're having trouble, draw out the I real long and say Love It real fast.

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