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February 04, 2007



I dont suppose i could borrow your cat to help with a mouse problem could I.


I call those Life Lessons. They're usually good for us, if they don't kill us first.


So that TuSon of yours isnt very pleased that you are picking favorites with the pets...I'm pretty sure BUIE would curl up next to you and shed his love...AND COAT...all over you.


Glad you got through the holidays, and that JuanSon can out on top of whatever knocked him down. I can't imagine how that must have felt. Ben's 3.5 and only just two weeks ago had to get antibiotics for the first time. It will be tough on both of us when he gets really sick the first time.

Here's to you for hanging in and using whatever (legal?) means you found to do it.



So sorry to hear about your son's illness...I've been wondering how you've been. Glad to hear that things seem to be returning to a state of normalcy. Sending you hugs. PS - I've been cooking alot too....must be something about this time of year....it's been helping, ALOT.


Wow, I was starting to think you'd packed up and moved on to an anonymous blog somewhere else...
I agree with you how hard it is to deal with bigger kid's trials. The magnitude of their problems grows with them. Having adult children though, is that much more gratifying too.
Yes, thank God for family and friends.
And you DO have one badass SO.
Cooking is very relaxing. I miss it.
Yay for new friends, liquer, Lexapro and schizo pets.
Missed you. Don't do that again, k?
Love to everyone.


I'm here...and I kept checking. Glad to see you're back and like you the cold (16 this morning) is pissing me off.....Have a good day..

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