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December 03, 2006



Linda...please tell me that was Borat typing


Is this the SECOND new template since you last posted? Lord, woman!


Ah lak yur new banna. It's verra niiiice.


i really need to do that.
do they have any tiles in the color of chicken feathers?
my floor is 30 years old and looks like it is 30 years old and has been trod upon by a heard of chickens with sandpaper feet.


Darn nice tiling job, and purty tile to boot. Garshk, if only we had the motivation for such an undertaking...


Oh my Goodness, that's gorgeous! We bought new floor tile for the kitchen in June. It's still in boxes in the basement... But I got my tree up!!! hehe No ornaments, just lights, but it's up! Great job you're doing :-)

Zoots Mom

Its beautiful. What a fantastic job you've done. I'll call you if I ever decide to do it...


Pretty! Maybe we can stop and see it on our way out of town on the 28th

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