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July 11, 2006



where are you.


Where the hell are you?


Thai Curry Crab. What a way to ruin good potato chips! And Thai. And Curry. And Crab! Yikes!


Stax aren't bad, but I'd still get Pringles. Even in the test Wal-Mart back in Bentonville, we didn't have Thai Curry Crab Flavor. For me, fancy chip flavors are good for about the first two or three chips, and then it's just kind of nasty (but the Thai Curry Crab probably wouldn't even make it that far).


wow..and we thought we were living dangerously with garlic onion.. we are such daredevils ya know..

Moo Goo Gai Pan flavor?


Thai Curry Crab Flavor???
Hmmnn. Guess you would have to go to another country for that... Which reminds me, I have a reader who REALLY wants to know where to get the raspberry beer. Please put SO on the job...

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