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June 26, 2006



Angry right along with you. Some doctors think they're Gods, and sometimes their staff believe it.

(I was amused by your strikeouts, by the way)


GO to the office and tell them you want a copy of the report yourself. If they say they cant give it to you because it isnt signed, have them get the MD on the phone immediately......

8 days is B.S.


Chances are very good that you'll look back on this and say "All that bullshit and it turned out to be nothing." That's my take on it.
But they're still bastards...




Oh Hazel Hazel,

I am thinking of you and I hope it all turns out ok.

Keeping my fingers, ears, toes and eyes crossed.

Bo Snagley

that sucks.
i went through this when my wife had a lump.
i about went nuts. I was just before driving to the hospital when my wife shot me with a tranquillizer dart.

Praying for you.

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