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May 16, 2006



I quit for almost 2 months at Christmas. I then smoked what I thought would be a single cigarette that lead me here, smoking a half a pack a day. Which is better than the almost-a-pack i was smoking before... I'm really disappointed in myself...But I'm very happy for and proud of you!


I cannot relate here or offer advice to help the craving or eating . . . all I can say is keep going strong, girlfriend!

Zoots Mom

Congrats on the success...I have a counter on my blog and I'm at nearly 4 years and every single day I wish I had a cigarette, or 10. I did have a good hint on cheating the other day. A salesman that I've worked with for nearly 20 years quit smoking 13 yrs ago. Put 'em down and never had another. He bragged on that all the time dammit...Anyway, last Christmas he bummed a cig from a co-worker. Smoked it, and bought a pack on the way home and is now up to 1-1/2 packs....Made me think maybe I shouldn't bum one when desperate..'ya think!!


Instead of the money not really saved, maybe think in terms of the amount of life you have saved!

You go, girl. (It's hard to feel manly when I say that, but whatever.)


Yeah, I used to smoke and after every evening cig I'd have to go and take a big dump. Now, I'm lucky if I take one once a week. Just thought you would like to know that about me. :)


When I quit, I had the same problem with wanting to smoke after a meal and just kept eating instead...eventually a cup of coffee did the trick.

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