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March 30, 2006



I LOVE stainless steel. I have all silver accents in my kitchen...I actually looked at silvery wall paneling for behind the sink...I dream of stainless steel appliances...*sigh*


sorry to hear about your job but happy that you seem to ahve things under control.

yea, bad color on the cabinets but AWESOME tiles in the background.


Sorry to hear about the job, although it sounds like you were not sorry you lost it. I guess things are going to work out great for you. I'm so happy to hear that. Good luck with the kitchen, sounds like a lot of work, but its nice to turn over a new leaf once in a while.

Peeved Michelle

I like the backsplash.


Sorry to hear the circumstances . . . look forward to reading you more :)


WOW - Im sorry about your job.....but maybe Im not! Sounds like it might be a great break if you can do it financially!!!!

Good luck with the cabinets!!!


Wow, those cabinets are gosh-awful (like how I avoided offended the churchly?)

Is that stainless steel tile? I've never seen nor heard of it. I dig it.

Sorry to see your SO go.

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