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November 03, 2005



I can totally relate .....I have panic attacks too.....and they come out of nowhere......I chose the no meds. route.....sometimes when they hit I wonder though....

Lisa B

I have a friend who had a phobia where he couldn't eat in restaurants. And he was going into high school so he was to the point where he was scared to eat during the day at school too.

I'm so sorry you haven't had a decent professional to help you through this. For what its worth it seems there's alot of incompetence in the psycology field. I was diagnosed with depression and prescribed drugs when I actually had a low thyroid. And I was on drugs that make me so tired and dazed I could hardly function. I would sleep 16 hours a day. (Course that was also a result of the off-skew thyroid.

I'm not saying every person in the field is incompetent but I'll tell you -- it took us three marriage counselors before we found a good one. And once we got that help, it was amazing how quickly things turned around. I think that's which any sort of therapy.

Good luck! I wish you well.

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