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October 31, 2005


Lisa B

And it sounds like you've done a wonderful job... Where I live kids seem to be given EVERYTHING... cars, expensive clothes, money, whatever and whenever they want. They can go to whatever college they want and don't have to take part time jobs... And I definitely didn't grow up that way. It really blows my mind how much kids seem to have these days.

Lisa B

YOU are SO RIGHT! My son is three but I can relate. I'm sure when he's your son's age, I'll be worrying yet too.

Thanks for checking out my site. I really like yours. Very cool, chickie! :-)


He sounds like he has great values and learned how to appreciate the things that most people are just "handed" in life.
I can understand his reaction...Ive wanted to beat the living snot out of some people myself at times! Im sure he is just blowing of steam by using that particular choice or words though.
Im sure you have taught him well and he knows right from wrong...

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