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November 06, 2007



You have a furry friend that won't hesitate to keep you company, not to mention entertained. Oh, and eating an entire bowl of dip is considered extraordinary? Gold tostitos and some sort of salsa hot cheese mix tends to get me every time. I doubt thats AS unhealthy though :-P

One Wink

You should move in with PD and I. The two of you can fight over the food. The way I figure, it could go one of two ways... Either you'll starve to death or he'll feel sorry for you and share half of the food. You'll eat between 50% and 100% less. The downside: I'll smoke you out.
There is a double moral to the story. Firstly, we all have our vices and secondly, you're always welcome at our house whether you're out of control or not.

PS I have eaten an entire dip in one sitting on more than one occasion.

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