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June 07, 2006



Oh my gosh women...well, at least you are getting it all over at once. My insurance provides mental health coverage, but they make it too complicated to go....so I just get to be my wacky self...sucks really. I would like to have an altered mental status, something like, Oh Happy would be nice.


Sheesh kiddo, your schedule sounds like mine did a few months ago. I survived and you will too. That's not to say its fun. Gawd, no. Let me know if I can do Anything.


Sounds all too familiar...the root canal was a breeze though...good luck. Thinking of you...


I hope everything works out just fine.....


I hope all your health stuff goes well. Man. These kind of things make me glad I'm a guy. Women just have way too much going on with their bodies.

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