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June 02, 2006



I hope you feel better soon.


Please call me when you get back from Blue Knob. We have gotten too out-of touch. My fault, with this gawdforsaken shift. I'm pulling for you. Want to come on vacation with me?


I wish I could say I haven't gained anything in the last week.. not that I am SURE I have because I refuse to get on a scale...they are a product of the devil...


I hope everything is ok with you and if you need to talk, we are here.

I would LOVE to go back to school! I miss it! I should have been a professional student!

Weight loss....ick....but you sound like youre on your way!!!


Does eating chocolate when stressed out at work qualify me as an "emotional eater?"

My wife suffers from severe depression, and many times in the past has been unable to get out of bed at all (and has lost jobs because of it, along with her migraines). She still gets just as depressed, and only our toddler keeps her from lying there and stewing in it. I understand what you're going through as well as anybody who doesn't suffer depression can.

I know no words can inspire you to get up and do things, and a workout partner would only seem like a nag. Regardless of that, hang in there.

I hope the possible health issue is nothing severe. I know depressed people certainly don't more negatives on their plate.

Zoots Mom

I'm an emotional eater too.. I'm eating right now but...if you want to come over we can stare at my exercise bike. I pulled it out, rode a mile about 4 days ago and...............wanna come look at it?


Hang in there...
School sounds exciting!
You could train in early childhood and come nanny my kiddos ;)


I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. As an emotional eater myself, I know how frustrating it is to try and lose weight when you are feeling down or stressed.

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