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April 28, 2006


Mellie Helen

Interesting, isn't it, how relationships and their status can play a part in weight gain or loss? I'm currently married (but in the process of divorce) and have both lost 30 pounds and then gained about the same amount back, all from stress related to the situation. Well, let's be responsible: due to stress, and how I react to it!

I've heard it said that food is a tiger you have to take for a walk three times a day...and those are three dangerous walks.

Zoots Mom

Oh goodness that's what I've done all of my life and now, after the "aneurysm journey" and quitting smokeing...Oh yeah, if its not nailed down..I'm eating it and liking every bite...


That's pretty good weight loss after each kid. I was 5'11", 145 lbs. when I met my wife in college. Within a year, after eating lots of her mother's cooking and the sweets those two kept around the house, I was 160. Fast-forward to age 35, and I'm hovering at about 160-165. I think I actually have shifted my weight from muscle to fat, so it's not a healthy 160.

Peeved Michelle

Marriage has made everyone I know fat, myself included.


I am right there with you.....minus the kids. Im up and down......but mainly UP!
Sad.....really sad......

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