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February 21, 2006



Grey's was so good the last few weeks - I love that show!


Greys Anatomy is one of my favorite shows. Last nites episode was awesome. I did here someone would be leaving...must be humiliated george.


Let me say that if Laura ate saurkraut before bed, there would be no sleeping for ME. "Nuf said. Hope you feel better! When is the SO coming home?


Awww hate to hear that you are under the weather again. Hope that the two of you make a speedy recovery!


It sucks to be sick when you arent home....I hope he is feeling better....and you too!
PS: If I ate sauerkraut before bed....there would be no sleeping....lotsa luck with that....


I hope you and SO are feeling better soon. It's too bad you don't have someone taking care of you like the Chinese are taking care of him.


Nik, Grey's Anatomy is like the best old ER episodes, every episode. If you liked ER back in the day (we dropped it a couple seasons back), then you will like GA.


I hope your SO gets well. Wow. China? That's a far-away job for sure. I'm glad now that I only drive 12 miles one way to work. I hope both of you get feeling better. Thanks for reading my story, even though it might have alarmed you.


Everyone says that Grey's Anatomy is the best, but I've never seen an episode. I need to just buy or rent all the DVD's and see what this show is all about. I've watched ER since the show began, so I didnt want to start another medical drama, but I might need to re-think that.

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